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Questions tagged [stimulation]

For practical or methodological questions about implementing specific stimuli.

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Someone using: OMNIFIT Brain: the concentration enhancing brain training solution? [closed]

I read a lot about that devices. Only one person using who I know and say is good after 4 weeks [Muse]. Someone from forum using or use that and have something to say? That is no subscription. https://...
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gamma correcting a sinusoidal grating [psychophysics]

I am developing a stimulation setting wherre I present a sinusoidal grating to a subject. Because of the monitor gamma expansion by a factor of 2.2, I need to gamma compress my sinusoidal grating by a ...
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Which waveform for photic stimulation should be used to generate SSVEP in a narrow band around desired frequency

I am trying to build my own flickering light stimulation device. The light source will be a COB Red LED cluster (~627nm) (like one of these) with brightness controlled using Pulse Width Modulation ...
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Reducing pareidolia?

Going in the opposite direction and artificially increasing Pareidolia (the tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an ...
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What Classical Conditioning says about multiple or multimodal stimuli?

I would like to know if classical conditioning somehow predicts/approaches scenarios where multiple or multimodal stimuli associate with a response. I do not have much knowledge on the topic, but it ...
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How would human consciousness react to absence of violence stimuli?

Introduction: Survival on this planet, inherently involves violence and so do human instincts for establishing social hierarchies (reference: Social dominance theory). Virtually any human being faces ...
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Reaction when light is turning on and off

This question comes from a personal experience I've had over the last few days, 'experimenting' on my own. I have a light bulb in a room that is turning on and off periodically, let's say per second. ...
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Synchronization of perception of sensory information

I am not an expert (actually I am not even psychologist/neuroscientist or anything like it).My question is: Since light and sound comes to, respectively, our eyes and ears at different times and "...
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Minimum constant neuron firing rate

Please forgive what may be an elementary question for many of you. I am trying to understand the range of firing rates in an idealized neuron. I understand what governs the maximum firing rate of a ...
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How fast can stimuli be administered for evoked potentials?

I'm looking for a reference about the ability for sensory stimuli to generate separate evoked potentials in the brain. What is the maximum repetition rate for sensory evoked potentials?
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Human vision detection of faint blinking or moving point of light, guidelines for sensitivity versus frequency

This question is in the neurology/neuroscience rather than the psychology aspect of this site. I'd like to check the limits of visibility of a (presumably green) LED at large (kilometer) distance, ...
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Is there a difference between physiological stimulations and psychological stimulations?

From what I understand, physiological stimulation (or stimulus or sensation) "refers to sensory excitation, the action of various agents or forms of energy (stimuli) on receptors that generate ...
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What is the frequency range of electrotactile stimulation?

I have been trying to find out what the (human) electrotactile frequency range is. Since this is a much more experimental method (and more unpleasant) than the traditional vibrotactile method, the ...
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Why our brain can't fool itself to constantly produce dopamine?

There are experiments [1] showing that our brain tries to maximize amount of dopamine. At the same time it is the brain who controls the dopamine level, because the reward system is located in the ...
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Is stimming only limited to people with autism or other disabilities or do neurotypical people stim as well? Is stimming always a symptom? [closed]

I've been diagnosed with anxiety. I tend to do certain things when I'm nervous or stressed. Like tap my foot. Just two years ago, I've started biting myself when I think of stressful situations or ...
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Can electromagnetic fields be used to stimulate areas of the brain?

Recently I've come across an article from a questionable source called 10 Things An Electromagnetic Field Can Do To Your Brain. There are a lot of hints in this article that the writer doesn't have ...
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Can CNS neurons be stimulated with focused audio?

I know that neurons can be stimulated mechanically (like in the 'funny bone') and I'm wondering if neurons in the brain could be stimulated similarly, for example via focused ultrasound.
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Does the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) contain weapon stimuli?

I'm looking to use the IAPS for my research, but I specifically need to use images of/or containing weapons. Does anyone know if IAPS has any such stimuli, and, if so, roughly how many?
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Methods for stimulating exact positions in the body

I am interested in knowing if there are state-of-the-art, non-invasive techniques that could be put on, and taken off from the user's body several times without compromising positioning accuracies. ...
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What hardware setup is commonly used for low-latency audio stimulation?

I need to carefully control the latency and timing of auditory stimulation in an upcoming experiment. Some of this depends on software, but my question is specifically relating to hardware, drivers ...
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