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Questions tagged [brain-computer-interface]

For questions about direct brain-computer interfacing (BCI), such as methods allowing disabled people to control a computer via an EEG.

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Patterns of screen scrolling and tapping and instantaneous mood

I was wondering whether any surveys have been conducted to see if people click more often on things (at a given timing), in Google Discover, and similar, news, apps, when they're depressed. Another ...
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BCI research labs

I am fairly new to the community, so I hope I am going about it the right way. I am an undergraduate student from India with an interest in BCI research. Specifically, I am interested in researching ...
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Does the brain have code? [duplicate]

I am not sure if the brain is totally analogous to a computer but it certainly behaves like one in some respects. It seems to take input information from the environment, process that signal, store ...
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Why do some brain-computer interfaces require objects augmentation in order to work?

This interface seems to work only the focused objects have some kind of augmentation (in this case called NeuroTags). I am wondering about why this is necessary because for the consumer besides being ...
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Is language an abstract concept that is voiced out though a national tongue?

When discussing with my son about a possible future (from the progress of technology point of view), he mentioned that it would be great to have a brain implant that would finally allow everyone to ...
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Why does Neuralink place sensors in the neocortex instead of the old brain?

Imagine a perfect archer whose arrow always hit the target in precisely the area where he wanted it to hit. Now imagine that each location on the target was an instruction to a human body to make a ...
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Where to find modern theories on how the brain computes inputs and information [closed]

I am a software engineer with a special interest in machine/deep learning and I have a fair amount of experience in this space. In (supervised) machine learning, you are tuning a (very) large data ...
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Has anyone tried using functional near-infrared spectropathy to quantitively measure sodium concentrations in the brain?

Functional near-infrared spectropathy "fNIRS", is a biophysics/medical technique that uses the near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum (around 680nm to 810nm in wavelength) to ...
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What Field of Behaviorial Psychology Deals with Technology? How the Application of Pyschology can Improve Something Like Computers

My real question is where can I find people to discuss topics in this area of study - the application of behavioral psychology on technology and computers. For example, can we use what we know about ...
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Strange synchronized brain pulses on EEG using OpenBCI Cyton board

I recently received an Open BCI headset, and have been experimenting with it. One interesting is my brain gives off very regular pulses. My wife tested the headset too, and she also had these pulses....
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How do I find Computer Science-Focused Cognitive Science Labs for Research?

I'm applying for Master's in Computer Science programs with the goal of gaining research experience and moving into the field of Cognitive Science to one day get my PhD. I'm trying to find labs and ...
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Neuralink in depression treatment

In this article there is a statement that Neuralink can help people with Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and depression by promptly sending electric pulses into the areas responsible for their ...
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Does EEG biofeedback brain training can cause any harm?

I'm a hobbyist making BCI for biofeedback training. Can I induce any damage to my brain by EEG brain training? For instance, by using wrong training protocols.. Be the way, it would be wonderful if ...
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Help understanding and visualizing the data from EEG grasp dataset from kaggle

So, I downloaded the EEG grasp data set from kaggle. I am having a hard time understanding the data and plotting it. I extracted the " first subjects' " csv files from the train folder which consists ...
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Converting human's memory into digital data

I am wondering whether converting someone's memory into digital data is possible or not. It may sound ridiculous. However, if chance is not 0 then what kind of studies might be used? What kind of ...
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Brain computer interface Final year project [closed]

My professor told me to collect data for the states we want to to use to control the movement of our robot i.e., thinking, meditation and other emotional or physical states using an Emotiv EEG headset ...
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Can I read what the person thinking through electrodes or something similar?

First of all I'm not a medical student so I may miss some points here. I know that EOG (electro-oculography) works on the corneo-retinal dipole. The cornea (front of eye) is slightly positively ...
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What electrical stimuli do brain implants use?

I was reading about artificial eyes and came to think about how the brain works. More specifically, what "signals" it uses in the case of cortical visual prosthetics in blind people? Cortical ...
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How will brain-computer interfacing work? [duplicate]

I have just been reading about Elon Musks new company Neuralink. He claims that it is possible to increase the communication speed between humans and computers by using direct brain interfaces which ...
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How to track eye movements with electrodes?

I'm an Information Technology student (bachelor's degree) and as a summer project, I'd like to develop a small "alarm" system for ALS patients in case of emergency situations. I thought about ...
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Classification of EEG Signals

I am working on a project related to Brain-Computer Interface & I came across this problem. What are the tools and techniques used to classify the EEG signals which are extracted from brain using ...
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Article for bypassing spinal cord after spinal cord injury

This article describes a research that allows a man with spinal cord injury (SCI) at the cervical level to move his finger. A chip was used to circumvent the spinal cord and send signals to the finger ...
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Silent speech recognition method or system with highest accuracy?

Is there any other silent speech recognition method (EEG/ECoG/Intracortical etc), with accuracy as good as the Audeo device developed by Michael Callahan and team - see the demo here, which is based ...
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Can CNS neurons be stimulated with focused audio?

I know that neurons can be stimulated mechanically (like in the 'funny bone') and I'm wondering if neurons in the brain could be stimulated similarly, for example via focused ultrasound.
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Where is motor skill function located within the brain?

Does the neural activity that correlates with motor skill function tend to be focused near or far from the outer surface of the brain, or both? And what about perception? My deeper curiosity being: I'...
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Text-to-brain literature?

Herff et. al. demonstrate in "Brain-to-text: decoding spoken phrases from phone representations in the brain" a brain-to-text system to map intracranial electrocorticographic recordings to text. I'...
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Can brainwaves from EEG be used to measure enjoyment of media?

It seems to be very hard to figure out automatically, what content I will enjoy and what content I will not enjoy. Of course, there are methods that require me to sit in front of a computer and press ...
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How much our visual limitations are instrument(eye)-based, and how much are they brain-based?

Are the limitations to our vision like the field of view and singular focus entirely based on the limitations of the eye? It seems like it's possible to feed an artificial signal into the brain ...
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Suggestion for wearable EEG headset

We need wearable EEG headset with raw data output accessible from various platforms. I heard that devices like that have commonly the output encoded and available adapters are designed for one or just ...
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Database of EEG signal phenomenon

I'm working on a paper describing the current state of EEG headsets used as computer interfaces. One of the things that is key for building a system using an EEG headset as a controller is having some ...
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Python MNE - reading EEG data from array [closed]

I have EEG data that comes in the form of a 3D numpy array (epoch * channel * timepoint). timepoint is a 256 element array containing each sampled timepoint (1s total, at 256Hz). epoch is an ...
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Can I teach my brain to understand binary?

The question is if I could teach my brain to understand binary codes (for example, ASCII) just like I teach it to understand English, French or any other language. That includes: not to translate it ...
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Brain-computer interface with EEG: how to name imaginary movement of a non-self object?

I am working on Brain-Computer interfaces. In my project we try to control the movement of a robot in three directions, namely forward, right and left. We have done an EEG experiment where we have ...
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What research has been done on brain-to-brain interfaces?

Is there an existing research area focusing on brain to brain interfaces? If so, what are some papers that have been published in this area?
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How to integrate word prediction keyboard into P300-based BCI (brain computer interface) system?

See this question in User Experience. Farwell and Donchin (1988) described a P300 based BCI selecting letters by detecting P300 responding to the flashing letters. According to this system, only one ...
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