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For questions about evoked potentials. Differs from EEG in that evoked potentials are often analyzed in terms of amplitude and latency, while EEG is analyzed in the frequency domain.

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Why is Electric Artefact still present in my recording?

I carried out EEG and EP studies on a daily basis. I occasionally electric artefact present within my studies, despite having my notch filter applied, low impedance, and subjects well grounded. I ...
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How fast can stimuli be administered for evoked potentials?

I'm looking for a reference about the ability for sensory stimuli to generate separate evoked potentials in the brain. What is the maximum repetition rate for sensory evoked potentials?
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Where can I find stimuli for steady-state visually-evoked potentials?

I am a student working on a project which deals with Steady State Visually-Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) Stimuator. Does anybody know where can I find stimuli (checkerboard or single graphic) as a video ...
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