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What challenges the ideasthesia balance theory has to answer?

Ideasthesia "can be defined as a phenomenon in which activation of concepts produces phenomenal experience". The examples vary from the Kiki/Bouba phenomenon applied to (possibly) everyone ...
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What Ethical and Legal Provisions Release One from "Mandatory Reporting"? [closed]

Question What provisions exist that can be applied to provide assurance to a client or patient that they can talk, "off the record", "without repercussions", and that nothing will be documented? ...
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Can observing neutral objects prime the brain to integrate them into new ideas in the waking state?

I'm aware of a few concepts, primarily from dream research, which indicate that dreams feature or integrate observed objects from the past several days into dream content. For example, seeing a bike ...
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How strongly are creative ideas influenced by our environment? [closed]

Background : I was recently reminded of an abandoned project of mine that is related to railways and "green energy," so I started doing some Internet searches to see if there are any similar projects ...
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Is there a part of the human brain responsible for triggering imagination, fantasy and coming up with unusual stories?

I'm trying to understand if there's a specific process or part of the human brain which, when activated, causes the person to daydream, engage in fantasy or come up with ideas that are far from common ...
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What terms describe "schema" at various stages of acceptance?

According to WordNet 3.0, quoted at, in psychology, schema means "an internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new ...
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How to best prepare the mind for a problem identification brainstorm?

I am a manager of a team of software engineers. We often use brainstorming sessions to generate solutions to problems. We use typical cognitive games, e.g. word association, to "warm-up" and ...
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Are there "6 degrees of separation" for ideas?

Sites like are built on the idea that you can be related to any person in the world though around 6 people. One person knows another one, that one another one, and in the end you are ...
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How long can a person stay happy, excited and motivated about something new?

I'm interested in learning more about studies or experiments that determine how long a typical person can stay excited about something new: ...
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What research exists in the areas of formulating questions and "problem shaping"?

After recalling Eric Steven Raymond and Rick Moen's How to Ask Questions The Smart Way and a discussion in a systems engineering course regarding the impact of the proper formulation of a problem in ...
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