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For questions about the effect of prior experience on future learning.

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Do the feelings related to Transference always originate from parents?

As I understand, Transference is a phenomenon which is related to human behavior where humans unconsciously redirect/transfer their feelings about a subject in the past to apply it to a subject in ...
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12 votes
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Cognitive models for transfer of skills

Recently a question was asked about the benefit of playing chess on cognitive abilities. More specifically, how chess would improve understanding technical texts. Many other questions are also focused ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Does chess enhance cognitive abilities?

Some texts advise playing chess with children and mature people. Should I take them seriously, and why should chess boost intellect? For instance, I would like to be able to read and understand ...
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5 votes
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Why is chess considered special for educating a mindful person?

I can find countless quotes like this In many countries chess is incorporated into the scholastic curriculum. Countless researchers and studies have shown over the years that chess does indeed ...
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By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself?

If you've ever read Encyclopedia Brown books, you'll be familiar with the backwards writing in the back of the book that explains the solution to the case. When I was in my mid-late teens (I don't ...
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30 votes
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Does learning one discipline improve performance in another discipline?

I have come across a lot of articles that suggest learning across disciplines would improve cognitive abilities. This is more often referred to as Integrative Learning. Also, nowadayas a lot of ...
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