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Tag related to questions on the sense of touch and haptics, including, but not limited to peripheral processes dealing with touch, central processing of touch stimuli in the brain; kinesthetic systems (awareness of movement); and proprioceptive system (muscle spindles including the multisensory processes involving the balance organ). Often, but arguably, even heat and pain reception in the skin are grouped under the sense of touch.

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Is there any negative social or psychological implication of the current “slime” preoccupation of teenagers (mostly girls)? [closed]

This may not be the right place for this question. If you think it belongs on another forum, please point me there. My daughter has been into the “slime” craze for the past two years or so (she is ...
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Does training affect the tactile oblique effect?

In the visual sciences it is known that the oblique effect can be reduced by means of training. The oblique effect is observed when testing subjects psychophysically with a grating acuity task (e.g., ...
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Is touch sensitivity higher for females?

I read a long time ago that in a study of two-week old infants response to touch, the female babies were far and away more sensitive. In most gender comparisons, there are the familiar "two humps" in ...
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