Not affiliated with psychology in any way, so my knowledge is essentially zero. I am looking for a way to measure change in my ability to focus during a fast. This is simply for a personal experiment. I had a look online and could not find a standardised tests used in research.

Any help in finding one is appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: edited to clarify that I am not looking for life advice. I am looking for a standardized test used in psychology research to measure my ability to focus (concentration a task?).


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Eye tracking + Posner queuing seems to predict it decently well


Numerous studies conducted within the recent decades have utilized the Posner cuing paradigm for eliciting, measuring, and theoretically characterizing attentional orienting.

Example of study:


To elicit endogenous and exogenous shifts of attention, we thus used a modified version of Posner's cueing task. We compared oculomotor performance measured by an eye tracker in a group of 31 children with ADHD (mean age = 9.1 ± 1.3 years) and age-, sex-, and IQ-matched typically developing children [...]


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