Wolfe (1991) reports an example of a search that seems to be parallel for target trials and serial for blank trials: From Wolfe, J. M. (1992). “Effortless” texture segmentation and “parallel” visual search are not the same thing. Vision Research, 32(4), 757-763.

Here's another example from Wang et al., 1994 from Wang, Q., Cavanagh, P., & Green, M. (1994). Familiarity and pop-out in visual search. Perception & psychophysics, 56(5), 495-500.

Strangely, In Treisman's seminal 1980 paper she also reports a serial slope for color and shape blank trials: from Treisman, A. M., & Gelade, G. (1980). A feature-integration theory of attention. Cognitive psychology, 12(1), 97-136.

Is anyone familiar with other examples of a dissociation between target-present and target-absent search slopes, in this direction or in the opposite one (e.g., parallel for blank but serial for target trials)?




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