I've read many papers on concepts, but their tests are sparsely described or abstractly mentioned. I want to test for classic, prototype and exemplar theories. How do you approach the problem?

Some publications I've read:


 A Generalization of Hebbian Learning in Perceptual and Conceptual 
 Family resemblance : Internal structure of categaries
 Categorization of Natural Objects
 Reclaiming Concepts
 Categories, Concepts, Fuzzy Sets, and Logical Deduction
 Principals of Categorization
 Basic objects in natural categories
 Concept and conceptual structure
 .... and many more.

most of them are from Eleanor Rosch, ..

Reading also the big book on concepts

this seem to be informative :

Category norms: An updated and expanded version of the Battig and Montague (1969) norms http://www.lcs.pomona.edu/HewlettCognitiveScience/resources/assets/CategoryNorms2004.pdf


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There's no one good answer to this unfortunately, the question is too broad. Seems like you have made a decent start, here are two more quite different methods-focused references to add to your reading that might help:

Divjak, Dagmar, and Antti Arppe. "Extracting prototypes from exemplars What can corpus data tell us about concept representation?." (2013): 221-274.

Lee, Michael D., and Wolf Vanpaemel. "Exemplars, prototypes, similarities, and rules in category representation: An example of hierarchical Bayesian analysis." Cognitive Science 32.8 (2008): 1403-1424.


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