We know that deprivation of a father affects development of children - and leads to them being angrier and more depressed as an adult:

‘This is the first time research findings have shown that paternal deprivation during development affects the neurobiology of the offspring.’ (Spencer, 2013)

The research article this was based on was:

Bambico, F. R., Lacoste, B., Hattan, P. R., & Gobbi, G. (2013). Father absence in the monogamous California mouse impairs social behavior and modifies dopamine and glutamate synapses in the medial prefrontal cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 25(5), 1163-1175. DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bht310

So there must be a corresponding study of development changes without a mother. What are the corresponding effects?

My question is: What is the corresponding study about the effects of growing up without a mother?



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