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I am a first time Ubuntu user. In fact, my current project is my first introduction to any system other than Microsoft Windows.

My friend's computer crashed after she installed a system driver update that was not compatible for her computer. After a number of devastating changes (and losses) to the hard drive (as well as repetitive failed attempts to repair her Windows Vista OS), I concluded that the only solution to getting her computer up and running again was to install a Linux-based OS.

I successfully created a bootable USB containing the Ubuntu OS and installation media. The initial run with the USB went well, but I ran into memory and storage issues. Currently, I am learning how to format the hard disks appropriately in hopes of achieving the maximum productivity and performance available from this new OS.

From what I have experienced thus far, I am extremely fond of Ubuntu! It's very fast, easy--well, easy enough--accessible, secure, and has far more to offer than any Microsoft Windows operating system I know! When I conclude this project, I am sincerely considering installing it on my laptop, as well. However, for my laptop, I intend to implement a dual-boot set-up.

Although I find myself with many questions, I am easily finding answers. It is especially helpful that there is an online community readily available to answer questions and navigate new users, such as myself. Overall, I find this entire experience very exciting!

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