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Go forward, faith will follow. -- d'Alembert

Mathematics compares the most diverse phenomena and discovers the secret analogies that unite them. -- Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830)

Mathematics/physics is "imagination in a straitjacket." -- to borrow from Feynman

It is not possible to be a mathematician without being a poet at heart. -- Sophia Kovalevskaya (1850--1891)

A romance of many dimensions. -- Edwin Abbott (on loan as an apt description in general of the work of passionate mathematicians)

Caveat emptor: As explicitly stated by one moderator to me, the number of likes is an indication of appreciation rather than necessarily the validity of a comment or answer. This perhaps accounts for the fact that sometimes responses on MO by Fields medalists (all wonderful contributors) that are disputable subjective claims or patently, objectively wrong have been highly upvoted. Thoroughly check everything that you may need to use (no self-exemption warranted) and don't take opinions here too seriously--blurting, politicking, and the full spectrum of personality traits, good and bad, can be found here as well as in pretty much any large group of people. As always, encourage the facilitators and discourage the obstructionists.

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