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Why would the brain flip the images perceived by your eyes?
20 votes

I think part of what makes this question confusing is the use of expressions like "what the eye sees", "what the brain sees" and "what the frog's eye tells the frog's brain". Nobody sees anything ...

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Does dream recall disturb the processes of memory consolidation?
Accepted answer
15 votes

I am not aware of any study that specifically addresses dream recall, but there is a growing literature about "memory reconsolidation" or "post-reactivation plasticity", the idea that memory ...

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What is the term for "What has been seen cannot be unseen" in cognitive sciences?
7 votes

Perhaps "visual one-shot learning" is what you're looking for. Your question reminded me of images like this , which typically take first-time viewers some time to figure out, but on second ...

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Do people have a tendency to stick to one opinion after they formed it?
6 votes

A possibly relevant take on this question is provided by a computational model described in [1]. Although the main thrust of the paper is that selfish agents, by being habitual (sticking with their ...

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Is it possible to erase problematic memories?
5 votes

A phenomenon called "memory reconsolidation" has received considerable attention over the last 15 years. This is about activation (retrieval) causing memories to temporarily enter a labile state in ...

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Perceptual flicker when rotating my face
4 votes

I'm guessing that you are experiencing the interplay of two mechanisms: When you start to turn your head, the "vestibulo-ocular reflex" tries to hold the visual scene steady by counteracting your head ...

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Open source software for running Internet psychological experiments that collect reaction time data
3 votes

WebExp is a free framework for developing web-based experiments, and the source code is freely available. The client side is a Java applet, so subjects must have Java installed on their computers. ...

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