I'm just a 15 year old coding and computer science enthusiast, what do you expect?

Stackexchange and Stackoverflow in general can get a lot better (so many flaws scattered here and there), so I'm trying my best to help.

Theoretical particle physics and Quantum mechanics ftw!!!

Being question banned on Stackoverflow makes me think:

How am I better at answering questions than I am at making them?

Hey, it's called being unique I guess.

In all honesty, I did ask a few bad questions, but when I started reading up on how to get back I grew somewhat of a disappointment toward Stack Overflow. So many people think that getting question banned is almost impossible and requires just downright idiots, as well as it being something that should be permanent. I asked 4-5 bad questions, out of ~12 neutral and 3-4 upvoted. That was enough to get me banned (it makes sense, since I asked the majority of the bad ones within a month, and neutral posts don't count). But the fact that people seem to think that it should be permanent disappoints me. I want to work better, I want to work harder. People can have it tough sometimes, why just push them aside and think they are misfits? 6 months seems awfully harsh and overall unnecessary. Can't we help the people who so very much want to work hard after they get punished?

Adding to that, since Stack Exchange has rather bad ways of AI moderation, please upvote someone's post if it is useful (or downvote it if it's not), you never know how much a single upvote can do.

For those of you who downvote, please be a nice, decent person and leave feedback on how that person could do better.

I've had way too many downvotes without having constructive criticism, and I'm sure many others have had it the same way, too.

Stackoverflow isn't a forum to give people a bad reputation via downvotes, so please help people be a better asker/answerer!!!

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