I never pretend 2 know things that I don't; at the same time, I refuse 2 feign humility bcz it manipulates people into liking me & enables their insecurities/enabling the prejudice against intelligence.

Prolixity=norm bcz ambiguity= communicative kryptonite & defeats the purpose of English.

I'm an autodidact. I was an "A" student and always hated school. Got my GED & took continuing education classes.

I'm 40 years old.

Piano from 7 years old till I was sixteen. 16 till present, I play guitar; focused on improv composition. Video games every single day for the past 33 years, (almost without fail). Multiple genres of video games & even though I don't care about winning anymore, I still play multiple genres.

I pirated my education. I'm the Knivens McTwisp of Wikipedia rabbit holes. Multipotentialite from 21-32 yrs old; now I am a specialist at being a generalist as well as highly developed logistical thought modality focused on the removal of cognitive bias & efficient arrival at my ignorance in order to ask productive questions... Always precautious about asserting an understanding. Even after that assertion, I acknowledge that things can change pretty quickly.

I value specialists & any other perceptual amplifiers of the technological variety but not more than logic itself.

I've now become a specialist at behaviorism as well as the effects of emergent phenomena on our perception of reality, information processing & communications, as to how all of that pertains to the individual & mass psychological states; then extrapolating potential risk/reward analysis as it pertains to our sociological state, (socioeconomic, psychological, ecological, logistical, sustainability, education, communication, Civic hacking, infotainment production, mitigate mass culling events).

I am currently studying social media, predominantly, these days. Currently focused on vrchat as well as VR tech.

I would like to moderate the moderators of social media platforms & help produce an industry standards in that regard and others.

I am multidisciplinary and I don't see a lot of compensation from corporations, government or tech, that equate to broad spectrum redundancy inoculation and largely they are all liabilities of which can no longer be ignored.

We have redundant waste in all directions. A cascading logistical nightmare of unreasoned discombobulation of which equates to the blindfolded children of the universe running with scissors.

We need industry standards for communication in general as well as thought modeling for the abstract; much like the multiplication table curriculum.

I'm also interested in education reform, permaculture design and refuse to focus on Band-Aids at the sacrifice of focus towards potential cures.

Now is the time for a paradigm shift.

Is the world ready for the sort of different of which I most certainly am?

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