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What branch of psychology deals with the Framing Effect?
3 votes

Gestalt psychology (Interpretrations of problems) and cognitive psychology (Problem solving). If you are fairly new to these topics, Robert Stenberg's "Cognitive Psychology" is pretty simple ...

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Is there a Brain Mechanism for Reluctance of Studying?
3 votes

As in everything in psychology and the studies of behaviour and the brain, there are many interpretations for the extremely complicated process of learning. If you want to check a basic (But detailed) ...

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Is pleasure synonymous to positive reinforcement?
2 votes

Before I even start to try answering this question, it should be said that there is no clear and definitive answer. Endless debates are everywhere on the subject of consciousness but nothing has come ...

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IQ-EQ oscillation
Accepted answer
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IQ" is a very broad and full of misconceptions. While it may be the most popular form for measuring intelligence, it has been debated a lot of it's scientific properties and accuracy. In the case ...

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