Kai Noack

Very few things in life are consistent but mathematics is to a great extend. Hence, I decided to boost the reputation of math in schools, and started the elearning platform Matheretter in 2010. Matheretter includes high-quality videos, visualisations, articles, calculators and online tests.

In 2018/2019 the project got selected as best elearning platform for mathematics in Germany. 🏆

Today, more than 2000 German schools are using Matheretter.

Since I received hundreds of questions, I also created the math forum Mathelounge where volunteers (🙏) are answering math questions of any level.

Mathelounge is regarded the biggest math community in Germany/Austria/Switzerland today.

Total reach of both projects: 18 million learners / year.

About me: I am an elearning specialist, web developer (PHP, Javascript, Jquery, MySql, CSS, APIs, …), and math developer (CindyJS, ThreeJS, EaselJS, …).

PS: StackExchange is an incredible resource of knowledge which helps millions to understand the world. I regularly try to contribute, but mainly I am very grateful to all the community here.