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I am not a drummer. I am a skilled orchestra percussionist that in a life farlfar are away from here. I ran the entire section as 1st chair 2 years in a row at a school. In 1999, I was one of the top 10 high school percussionist in the state. I studied music history and theory. I was supposed to get a full ride to play in college, but instead I fell apart and blew it. I began showing clear signs of severe mental illness. /Now I'm an expert in psych meds.3 day holds, and just how very real stigma and abuse is in my community. First hand knowledge. ERs and healthcare people are supposed tp be safe for everyone, I am now being abuse by police officers who find my overwhelming painful existence amusing also

OR instruments/sterilization tech was what I did before mental illness made working impossible. NNy impeccable work ethic was the only thing about me that i didn't loath. It was hard to lose. I die a little inside every time some moron claim SSDI means lazy. I once worked a 47 hour shift in the OR because of a show storm.

Here's the kicker: I am FTM transgender on t 7 years, top surgery 2014, total hysto in 2019. When I have the funds. I sometimes by binders for those guys in need. I would be just as happy to help trans woman acquire gender dysphoria reducing needs, but I'm ignorant and haven't clue, so feel free to ask and I'll be happy to help. I'm disable and barely make $950/month, so I may not have the fund right away, but if I don't help people. I sort of have a survivors guilt feeling and I need to do what I can . If I didn't know better. I'd swear my mother stumbled on to a nuclear waste dump while pregnant with me. I am this open because I'm hoping that anyone in crisis or who ,might be in a vulnerable state will fell like they are more than welcome to come to me. I have lived though, seen, or heard damn near everything, so nothing can be said thar will freak me out and what the hell right would I have to judge. No judgment and whether you're mentally ill, trans, or anyone at all I resources that can assist. *

I DO NOT GIVE ADVICE> I listen, but if you need more than an ear, I do have resources to steer you to for more in depth help.

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