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I am a married, (as of July 18th 2015) 28 year old man, and I have been playing RPGs since before I even knew what to call them. I am an artist specializing in freehand drawing media, particularly ink and silverpoint. I spent two years in college for the fine arts. I have a love of aesthetic and artistic theories, and I see RPG theory, music theory, comics theory, and art theory as only small pieces of a greater, as-yet-undefined theory of human consciousness. I have an interest in theology and psychology, but my misspent youth has prevented me from pursuing those interests academically. I am an ASNT UT level 2, working in a steel mill for the oil and gas industry, and I hope to soon have my CGSB UT level 1 certification. Religiously, I am an atheist, and politically, I am an anarchist.

Prior to D&D, I had been role playing since as far back as I could remember. Games and sports were almost wholly unappealing to me. As a kid, that was fine, "let's pretend" was normal. As I got older however, people who were friends lost interest and moved on, while I began expanding on the idea of make believe as a game. By the time I encountered D&D, I basically had no friends, though I was already making primitive RPGs without even knowing what they were.

I was first introduced to the RPG hobby and D&D proper in the 7th grade. In the middle of class, a new friend of mine organized possibly the quietest session of 2nd edition ever performed, using no reference materials or dice. That is the environment in which I learned. I was enchanted. I wasn't alone any more, and what's more, my ideas weren't strange. I was right on track.

Since then, I have played many games, and even DMd some of them, not just D&D. I have played Mind's Eye Theatre, the Macross RPG, Traveller, Mutants & Masterminds, Amber, My Life With Master, Creeks & Crawdads, and a few others. I also take part in RPG design as a hobby and read on the theoretical side of things.

My table consists of a dozen other guys around my age, four of us have been DMs. The group has always been strongly divided between very simulationist/gamist and very simulationist/narrativist players. I am the only gamist-oriented DM in the group. Most of my group maintains that 2nd edition was the best, the rest maintain that 3.5 was the best. They all hate 5th edition. I liked Basic Set most, prior to 5e being released. I am the only person in my group who has played in the Adventurer's League, though I did not enjoy that style of play.

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