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Stephane Rolland
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Author of the PL XYZ (name is still to be defined, also I'm extremely late compared to what I was expecting, and there's still a lot of work).

At marathon my time is 5:30, that's far from a world record. I am older, but I plan to train and re-run longer trails (60 km seemed feasible at the time) after I have made public the version 0.0 of the language.

Favourite Techs: Haskell, C++20, Python 3, PostgreSQL, Nix language and NixOs Linux + Gnome, Bash/Zsh/Perl.

I edit my with code with Vim/NeoVim, and a pinch of Emacs.

Machine Learning: kaggle AI competitions

Interests: Language Design, Category Homotopy and Type Theory, Linear logic, Artificial Intelligence, Design Patterns, Lambda Calculus, Pi Calculus, Pattern Calculus, Digital Signal Processing, Test Driven Development, Software Craftsmanship, Web Design

Everyday experience: C++, Python, Haskell, Bash

Practicing: Assembly, Perl, Prolog, R, Erlang, Elixir, OCaml Wish to learn: Julia, Agda, Idris, Coq, Rebol/Red Language

Used: C, C#, Xml, Regex, Sql, Javascript, Win32, Mfc, Com/Atl, Stl, Design Patterns, MsXml, Wpf, C++/Cli, Html, Java, Soap, Sql Server, Http, Boost C++, Xaml, Xslt, Xschema, Xpath, Bash, Powershell, VB/VisualBasic

Practiced: Cython/CPython, Machine Learning, Scikit-Learn, Elm, F#, AngularJS, jQuery, Html5, Css, Svg, Web Audio Api, Underscore.js, Node.js, Octave

Distant memories of: Oz/ML, Pict

Love written calligraphy and spoken languages: Fluent English-French-Spanish. Read/Write German and Dutch. Read approximately Italian and Esperanto. I can decipher slowly Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Danish, Swedish.

Slowly, without real focus I am building for learning Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Polish and Czech. Russian, Ukrainian. Mongolian (cyrillic alphabet ok, but I only practiced a dozen real Mongolian words, hyper-mega-difficult to pronounce, really). Hebrew and Arabic. Indonesian and Malaysian. I have a surface knowledge of them, mostly due to either the writing system or the linguistics branch family too far from my current knowledge.

And maybe one day: Tibetan, Zulu, Afrikaans, Swahili, would be nice addition. But that starts to be really a lot ;-)

Why I love learning languages so much? I have to check scientifically, but my feeling is that it boost my neuro-plasticity, and the process makes me feel happy: I still remember the first time when looking at a chinese news paper, I could recognize so many signs, I could not understand the sentences, but it was no longer alien-foreign-impossible to understand. It is one of the most peaceful feelings I know.

I have release some music in the past: Discography discogs

I love graphical arts: Pinterest and Instagram

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