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Why do I perform better at rhythm games after a long period of not playing?

Short answer Long-term memory formation (consolidation) takes weeks, or even years. Background Unfortunately my observations haven't been published yet, but an interesting thing I see with listening ...
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Why is chess considered special for educating a mindful person?

Chess is considered "special" due to certain attributes of the game. From "Beyond the 64 Squares: Does Chess Instruction Enhance Children’s Academic and Cognitive Skills? A Meta-Analysis": Two main ...
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Which study proved that macaques were superior to humans in recalling in which some items appeared?

The 2011 article Working memory of numerals in chimpanzees by Sana Inoue and Tetsuro Matsuzawa is only 2 pages long but describes an experiment proving that chimpanzee memory may indeed be superior to ...
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Any other studied psychological phenomena like reactance?

You may wish to look at Steindl, et al. (2015). This paper presents an overview of research into Reactance that has been done since Miron and Brehm's 40 years review (2006) of all research since Brehm ...
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