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Apparently, this can happen when your ROI is near the edge of the brain as reported here. The thread is pretty old though so this might have been fixed by today and there is another reason in your case.


The best way to learn is probably not by reading, but by doing. The SPM website contains a number of useful datasets with tutorials for various tasks. I also find PowerPoint slides from lectures and talks useful. There are a bunch of slides on the SPM website, but you can also find more on Google by limiting your results to type:pptx.


Below is a corrected version of the script. SPM seems to be quite finicky about the structure of the data passed to matlabbatch{...}.spm.spatial.realign.estwrite.daat{...}. %%job_realign.m SPM batch module. % SPM's spm_jobman function will eval this file, and automatically launch a % batch job if the parameters are valid. Cryptic errors out of spm_jobman ...


I think to use the MRIcorn is the easiest way, You can put the AAL3v1.nii.gz and AAL3v1.nii.txt into the mricron-templates folder. by the way which software you use to do fMRI meta-analysis? best, Hui Zheng Shanghai Mental Health Center


it seems that it is a struct variable that is central to how images are visualized in spm. I found a description in the spm source code in this github repository (I linked to the exact line where it is described, 158). You can check if it's the same in your spm8 installation by looking at the code of the file "spm_orthviews.m" which should be in the spm8 ...


Thanks for the comments, @serk1. The answer to this question is that that is a bug, it seems. I gave up editing the scripts myself and decided to reinstall Matlab and Marsbar, and it properly recognized the path and the permission for the files after that. I will leave the question here, in case someone run into similar problems.


You can use the Whole Brain Atlas by Harvard to look at the normal brain anatomy in 3-D with MRI/PET. Check the Anterior Commissure (AC) on the MRI and sync it with the PET or SPECT. It helps. More specifically, select "Anterior Commissure" and T1/FDG and click sync to show all the orientations in the same modalities and anatomical structure. It helps to ...

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