Assuming your mask is in NIfTI format (nii or nii.gz extension), you can use the fslstats command line tool for that. Just type fslstats on the command line to see the help text for command syntax and arguments. For your specific case, you can use: fslstats <input> -V where <input> is the path to your mask NIfTI file. The returned numbers will ...


Response from AxoGraph Support I received an answer from John of AxoGraph suggesting to follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to set up a virtual machine (VM) on my computer with an earlier version of macOS using the Parallels software ($79.99/year). He also discouraged using VirtualBox, the free VM manager, as "there's more work involved, and it’s ...


The eegkit package for R is a good and open source toolkit for data analysis. It is easy to use and you can get really cool plots.

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