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You only control for factors that have been proven to matter. IQ has not been shown to be significant. So why measure or control IQ variation if there is no evidence of difference. In fact there is evidence that the activation of stereotype threat confounds cognitive performance and therefore IQ. If a person has their stereotype threat activated, and they ...


Yes,many celebrities have talked about mental illness they have ,or have recovered. Most common is depression,bulimia,anorexia,OCD and sometimes bipolar,PTSD. [Not shocking since showbiz is majorly concerned about perfection and beauty to the the narrow standards prevalent]. Sometimes these claims are met with skepticism and then there's a word for it: ...


A lot of psychological research takes place in societies that are Western, Democratic, and Industrialized, and that from a global/historical perspective are relatively Educated and Rich. Of course, within those societies, people vary in their level of education and their socioeconomic status (e.g., wealth, income, financial security, earning potential, etc.)....


A quick look at your reference focussed on a meta-analysis of an intervention. Evaluating interventions is mostly about estimating the mean effect of an intervention. So, even if personality or intelligence influences the outcome, this is not directly relevant to evaluating whether on average the intervention has an effect. In other contexts, controlling for ...


Given the blank I would suggest: habit personality is an enduring pattern of relating and responding to life's challenges that has its roots in genetics and experience. Couple's relationship evolves over time and becomes similarly half-intuitive and half-conscious. But I suppose this may be a word that is not "psychological" enough.


Perhaps this? An individual's personality A couple's relationship A group's dynamics An organisation's culture

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