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What is the link between descriptive norm & informational social influence? When the descriptive norm doesn't appear to be "correct"?

In theory, a descriptive norm influences an individual by changing the individual's judgement of what is right. It is based on the idea that individuals use information from groups to make judgements ...
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What are the evolutionary advantages of displaying fear?

I'd turn the question on its head: it's not necessary that there are evolutionary advantages to displaying fear, it's that there are evolutionary advantages to being afraid, and to some extent for ...
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Replication or conceptual replication of card trick in Mind Field Ep 8?

Great question. This paradigm is called "choice blindness": Subjects saw two photographs of people and were asked which they found more attractive. They were given a closer look at their &...
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How is psychohistory theory of deMause viewed in academia?

The long and short of it is that DeMause's writings are not to be trusted in the slightest, due to the late author's utter lack of scholarly rigor and honesty. This is precisely why it is nearly ...

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