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Lying down for 6 hours with your eyes closed and not claiming that you have slept, you are very likely in Stage 1 of the sleep cycle. This is a restful state that transits from wakefulness to sleep [1]. How effective? Much less effective than if you would fall into further stages of sleep because it is called sleep restriction, which impairs daily ...


I believe the important point is paradoxal sleep. If you cannot sleep, you should try to defocus your thought, in order to allow neurones to "run freely".


If you lie down under certain circumstances (for 6 hours, eyes closed, comfy, in a quiet place and several hours after the last real sleep), I doubt you will stay awake the whole time. First, there's is microsleep. Indeed, even if you were driving or in any other dangerous situation, your brain would manage to enter sleep mode for some seconds. So, these ...

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