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Is Jordan Peterson correct when he states that "as societies become more egalitarian, personality differences across genders maximize"?

Searching the first three pages of "personality gender egalitarianism" on Google Scholar, I found five studies on this topic. All of them support the view finding of increased gender ...
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Why are trans-women more common than trans-men?

Short answer: It might be genetic. Human sexual behaviour, especially where stigma and taboos are involved, is notoriously difficult to study, so the real answer is that we just don't know. However, ...
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Do transgender people typically get tested for intersex conditions?

undergo testing for conditions like Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia or XXY? No. Chromosomal screening is not routinely done according to the recently released Australian guidelines. The issue is ...
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Why are trans-women more common than trans-men?

Exactly like you, I would like to begin by saying that I have no animosity nor prejudice against anyone. What I am saying below is not meant to be offensive to anyone, it is just an honest account of ...
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Are there empirical studies showing that one sex is more sexually selective than the other?

As noted above, evolutionary theories suggest that (heterosexual) females should be more choosy than males, because they typically invest far more resources in raising offspring (men have enough time ...
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Psychological effects of statutory rape - differences by gender?

The following is a culmination of research I have conducted over a long time on the very subject. The term "statutory rape" This is a generic term and some consider it to include just victims under ...
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Why do men have greater variance than women in mental test scores?

I've heard two theories related to genetics. Mental traits are massively polygenic (many genes with tiny effects). Men (XY) do not have a duplicate X chromosome like women (XX), which means that ...
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What are the effects of casual sex on men versus women?

My point I find that it is fair to say men benefit from casual sex encounters more than women. Evidence In the Penguin publication the "Red Queen" by Matt Ridley, he writes: Throughout our ...
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Mental rotation test in a virtual environment

I found a fairly recent redo of the "classic" mental rotation by Foroughi et al (2015) which also reproduced the "classic" results (unlike the study in my question): Many studies have found gender ...
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Is touch sensitivity higher for females?

Short answer Females are more sensitive to some, but not all somatosensory stimuli. Males are either less sensitive, or as sensitive as females. Background A normative study by Blankenburg et al. (...
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Do women see the phallus with the same amount of sexual excitement as a man seeing breasts?

No, men and women process sexual stimuli differently. Put succinctly, men are aroused by seeing sexual things, but women typically are not. Women, by contract, are more aroused by sexual relationships,...
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Is there any difference in social status for gays and lesbians?

Well, I think one would have to make their own personal observation of this and do some research. From what I've seen, being gay as opposed to lesbian, malexmale femalexfemale respectively, it's more ...
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What are the effects of casual sex on men versus women?

I did not see anyone mention violence. Women who have gone home with men casually have on occasion ended up, murdered or raped. And that with the possibility of becoming pregnant and having an ...
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