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What is the source for Feynman describes the learning technique named by his name?

As noted by Bryan, Feynman didn't coin this technique. It was developed by Scott Young (see the comments section here - and named in honour ...
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How to stop watching porn?

Here's a small-sample study suggesting some efficacy for acceptance and commitment therapy: Crosby, J. M., & Twohig, M. P. (2016). Acceptance and commitment therapy for problematic internet ...
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Paper on PTSD and trauma

I think the key word you are looking for is 'comorbidity'. Using the search string 'PTSD + trauma + comorbidity' in Google Scholar gave the following two oft-cited papers as the top two hits, both of ...
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Intervention for gender dysphoria: Challenge the patient’s idea of gender roles and expectations?

this is what FAQ about gender dysphoria says: Gender dysphoria can often be relieved by expressing one’s gender in a way that the person is comfortable with. That can include dressing and grooming in ...
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What introductory and advanced textbooks on cognitive psychology are recommended?

Algom, D. (Eds). (1992). Psychophysical Prospects to Cognition, Amsterdam:Elsevier. Durso, F. T. (2007). Handbook of Applied Cognition (2nd Ed). New West Sussex : Wiley & Sons. Esgate, A. et al. (...
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