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How to report a quasi-experiment in APA?

The distinction between experiment and quasi-experiment is often made in undergraduate psychology courses. In general, the term quasi-experiment is used to identify studies that fall short of a ...
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How should results from linear mixed models (LMMs) be reported?

As an update, this paper may be helpful, though it comes from the medical field. References Monsalves, M.J., Bangdiwala, A.S., Thabane, A. et al. LEVEL (Logical Explanations & Visualizations of ...
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List of psychological conditions, disorders and illnesses

The DSM-5 is the current version of the diagnostic manual of the APA. It's hard to say there is any such thing as a "strict neuro-psychiatric" definition; these definitions are by their ...
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Should I define each and every term while writing an article for a psychology journal?

This question may be better directed to In the first instance, you should check the editorial requirements of the journal you are targeting. Most journals prescribe that it is mandatory ...
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List of psychological conditions, disorders and illnesses

Apart from the DSM-5, the World Health Organisation maintains the International Classification of Diseases, currently on it's 11th revision (ICD-11). It contains far more than just psychological ...
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List of research paper meta information sites

Very interesting question! I would mention, they do something similar to scite. They classify citations into e.g. "Cites Results" or "Cites Background", they describe ...
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