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Why do some students find it difficult to focus on study when at home?

The answer to this question could be found in the mind-wandering literature (see this for a review). Figure 1 in the paper really nicely depicts the possible situations possible when looking at task ...
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Is there any direct or indirect empirical support for the effectiveness of Mel Robbins' five second rule?

I'm having a difficult time finding anything on suppression aside from various bits on the white bears experiment you noted. Of particular note is this study, I suppress, therefore I smoke detailing ...
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How to induce procrastination in an online experiment?

Present subjects with a long-form writing task about anything - most likely, you'd be best-off supplying a topic that's difficult to write about (self-analysis, distant dates, self-assumed tardiness, ...
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What works for procrastination?

I found this 2018 meta-analysis of 24 studies by Wendelienvan & Klingsieck on procrastination intervention - Educational Research Review article. They used Steel's 2007 definition of ...
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Why do some students find it difficult to focus on study when at home?

The question is unclear. It does not properly list the symptoms. This is because back then I did not know what to look for. The symptoms I was observing were actually effects of stress/anxiety. ...
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