Pain: emotional, mental, physical. The effect of pain upon mood, behaviour and brain chemistry. The neurological process of pain. Factors affecting a person's ability to cope with pain. Chronic pain, acute pain. How people react to another's pain. Pain management.

Pain can be divided into three categories:

  1. Emotional
  2. Mental
  3. Physical

1. Emotional pain
Emotional pain can be one of the most challenging aspects of cognitive sciences. From a neurological and psychological aspect. The inability to cope with emotional pain, can lead to destructive behaviour, possibly disorders. Developing coping methods to deal with emotional pain, is an important factor in psychological development.

2. Mental pain
Mental pain can be regarded to cover thought disorders, that cause the sufferer distress. Mental anguish. Stress related problems due to ruminating thoughts. There are not always clear distinctions between mental and emotional pain. Some people also would categorise spiritual pain separately.

3. Physical pain
Physical pain affects mood. There is neurological and psychological implications concerning physical pain, a person's ability to cope, behaviour changes and interpersonal relationships.
There is also the issue of pain relief options and the effects on the brain, for example of opiates.