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Is memory biased towards positive or negative memories?

The short answer is: it depends on age. For younger adults, negative memories last longer than positive memories. The opposite is true for older adults (above 60 years old). This paper is a good ...
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Are ADHD and OCD under some type of mental illness?

Different diagnostic systems may assign these syndromes to different categories based on theory or clinical opinion. In the DSM-IV era, OCD was listed under the "Anxiety disorders" category; however, ...
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Euphoria from oxygen deprivation

Short answer Given the fact that literature on hypoxia consistently report euphoria as a symptom, my conclusion is that the two are correlated strongly and is not confined to a small subset of ...
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Anger and problem solving

According the the Yerkes–Dodson law, a moderate level of arousal gives energy to the task, improving performance. The Yerkes–Dodson law is an empirical relationship between arousal and ...
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How can I test whether Dorsal Raphe Nucleus (DRN) activity at night is related to variations in mood?

Short answer To start my post with a cliche - correlation (between raphe activity and movement) does not imply causality. More importantly, the complete absence of the raphe nucleus does not negate ...
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relationship between mood and working memory

Welcome to the community Dalek! Emotional states can guide the actions and decisions we make in our everyday life through their influence on cognitive processes such as working memory. I would like to ...
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Psychological analysis of diary data

The questions to ask would be limited on the data set you have. From what i understand, the app allows you to track Time Mood Activity These data points might give a direction on how to make your ...
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