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Just to add a few other options that I consider relevant: -Longitudinal Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using R -Behavioral Research Data Analysis with R -Methods for the Behavioral, Educational, and Social Sciences: An R package (an interesting paper).


Interestingly, the authors appear to have been aware of your concern: Given that the only difference between these groups involved a subject variable for which there could be preexisting differences in DTA, we included a third group of creationists who read a nonthreatening essay. Since the evolutionist/anti-creation and creationist/control groups ...


In anatomy/physiology, there are 2 major categorizations of the nervous system: Central nervous system (brain + spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system (all other neural structures) Somatic nervous system, which controls skeletal muscles and skin, and and autonomic n. system, which controls internal organs, blood vessels and glands and is further divided ...

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