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Can MBTI be measured objectively?

The main question here is "is there any scientific research into objective differences between people with MBTI types?" I suppose a second question is "does this research actually SHOW differences?". ...
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Aren't MBTI and Big 5 connected?

All personality models are related in that they are carving up the same variance into different factors, and some of the factors will overlap. Extraversion is probably the most similar trait between ...
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Can MBTI be measured objectively?

There is research ongoing to correlate MBTI with quantitative, neurological data. Dario Nardi, for example, has found differences in EEG patterns between people of different types. Here is a PDF from ...
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Are psychometrics used in the public sector?

Many companies have psychometric tests to measure various cognitive and personality features. First of all, the intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from several standardized tests ...
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