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Is memory biased towards positive or negative memories?

The short answer is: it depends on age. For younger adults, negative memories last longer than positive memories. The opposite is true for older adults (above 60 years old). This paper is a good ...
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What can one do to permanently increase one's baseline happiness (subjective well-being)?

Going off the findings in this paper, it seems that one's baseline level of happiness can be increased and maintained at a (weakly) significant level by "continual effort and engagement in some ...
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How happy are people relative to neutral (as measured by experience sampling)?

I just finished reading this article (2018) by Michael Plant, a PhD student at Oxford University. Given that it is not a peer-reviewed paper, it would be worth checking his references, but this is ...
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What does science say about feeling appreciated/loved/valued?

A broad question with an even broader scientific literature speaking to it; I'll highlight a few of the major "camps" with key references that you can follow up with if you find them interesting: ...
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Do major historic events have a lasting impact on humankind's objective happiness?

Depends what you mean by "objective happiness". If we use the term in the way that it's used by Kahneman etc., meaning that In the special conditions of the clinic or laboratory it is sometimes ...
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How happy are people relative to neutral (as measured by experience sampling)?

Diener and Diener's "Most People Are Happy" (1996) summarizes the results of various studies on how happy people are, and finds that the vast majority of people are happy, based on a variety ...
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Is pleasure synonymous to positive reinforcement?

Before I even start to try answering this question, it should be said that there is no clear and definitive answer. Endless debates are everywhere on the subject of consciousness but nothing has come ...
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Measuring happiness in Children

Try the World Database of Happiness, if you haven't already. https://worlddatabaseofhappiness.eur.nl/collections/measures-of-happiness/what-is-this-collection-measures-of-happiness/ There is a ...
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Does nostalgia contribute to overrating past experiences?

The answer to this is most definitely a broad one. This depends on the persons experiences and how they take it all in. The answer before made a good point about happiness is defined differently among ...
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Does self-actualisation happen during the journey or after achieve the goal

Short answer According to Maslow, you reach self-actualisation when you reach the goal. Not juring your journey. The arrival fallacy refers to the fact that if you reach that goal, it doesn't ...
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