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Kahneman's add one / three exercise

I just came across the same section you referenced above in Kahneman's fascinating book. Like you, I was curious how to actually perform it. You are absolutely right, Add-1 (and Add-3 for that matter) ...
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Effects of aerobic vs. resistance training on cognition

I tried to do a little research myself and like you observed, there is not much research being done on adults relating to this topic. What I did find was research done by M.B. Pontifex et al. (2009). ...
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Exercise for Mental health

There is enough evidence to tackle the issue of exercise and depression. I am not sure about the rest of the psychiatric spectrum and disorders. A 2013 review by Cooney et al found differences in the ...
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"Raise your game" studies

According to Tenenbaum et al. (1995) the effect may be opposite. In their study, they had people, who where normally not engaged in a training program for strength, tested on their knee-extensor ...
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Does being sporty affect a person's reaction to emergency situations?

Check this out. Chapter 15 is what you are looking for. It is a study made in collaboration with the international federation of sport and medicine and talks about sport and fight or flight response (...
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Effects of aerobic vs. resistance training on cognition

According to "Exercise, brain, and cognition across the life span" which was cited in the original question, there are different effects that differ for various populations. Developing Brains There ...
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