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What is the difference between RR-intervals and NN-intervals in HRV-data?

The difference is rather simple. NN-intervals refer to the intervals between normal R-peaks. During a measurement, artifacts may arise due to arrhythmic events or faulty sensors, for example (Citi, ...
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Why are biosignals from the body said to be continuous?

Biological signals are analogues and hence continuous. Early EEG systems simply recorded the analogue signals and displayed it as a continuous signal graphically as wiggly lines written by little pens ...
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Open source software for analyzing Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

A variety of packages exist that allow the calculation of these metrics. I will describe these packages by category: Software Kubios is a program from Finland that has a nice GUI, in which you can ...
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Why are biosignals from the body said to be continuous?

To add to the answer provided by @AliceD, pure digital waveforms are square waveforms as they represent steps between 1s and 0s and are therefore not continuous. Analogue waveforms are not. They are ...
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