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The IPIP scales are in the public domain: They are intended to have no restrictions on use. Because the IPIP has been placed in the public domain, permission has already been automatically granted for any person to use IPIP items, scales, and inventories for any purpose, commercial or non-...


I would say "of course learning a new language will improve one's reading skills," if for no other reason than so many languages share etymological roots. When I started learning Russian in my forties, my understanding of many languages increased substantially. It also left me with an odd "tick" where I often read C with an S sound. Language is more easily ...


Overall, the claim seems to be that people prefer holding their current beliefs. This is well-documented, for example in a big literature on . Note that this may be culturally dependent; some Buddhist traditions explicitly value holding contradictory beliefs. It's possible the study being referred to in the ...

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