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Is there a term in psychology for when a tool is perceived as an extension of your body?

Short answer Possible interesting terms are: distal attribution (externalization) body transfer illusion (rubber hand illusion) embodiment Background This is a very interesting, yet difficult ...
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Thinking about What Others Think of You

This sort of thinking is called theory of mind (not to be confused with theories of how the mind works). It's not entirely clear whether theory of mind is a discrete ability or a spectrum, but tasks ...
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Can the mind be trained to equanimously observe compulsive urges/cravings (without giving in / acting out)?

According to the article "Brief meditation training induces smoking reduction" one kind of mediation-training reduced smoking by 60% while a control group (relaxation training) showed no such effect. ...
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Can a blind-from-birth individual experience vision or visual imagery during a Near-Death Experience (NDE)?

I gather from the chat comments that this question is really about the scientific credibility of reports of visual experiences in the congenitally blind during NDEs. I cannot find any such reports in ...
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