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Is there any update on the hypothesis on primary emotions corresponding on "love"?

This hypothesis relies on a number of ideas that are difficult to defend in light of the past decade of emotion research. Most notably, there is almost no evidence of modular "emotion systems" in the ...
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Does homosexuality correlate with narcissism or finding yourself attractive?

What you have here is a hypothesis and it's almost impossible to answer this conclusively because you can't design a randomized study but only look at correlations. In addition, "narcissism" itself ...
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Experiment where groups of dogs were treated differently to find difference in affection

VSauce mentions this experiment in "Why Do We Kiss?" at 9m 24s in. Topál, J., Miklósi, Á., Csányi, V., & Dóka, A. (1998). Attachment behavior in dogs (Canis familiaris): a new application of ...
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