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Difference between valence and sentiment

Basically, in the context of this research, "sentiment" can mean the same thing as "valence" if the analysis is unidimensional; that is "valence" is the usual "sentiment" analyzed. Otherwise "...
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Definition of valence, arousal and dominance

These concepts (valence, arousal and dominance) are fairly standardized in the emotional investigation. What do you mean by valence? Although at first the emotions could and were classified as ...
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relationship between mood and working memory

Welcome to the community Dalek! Emotional states can guide the actions and decisions we make in our everyday life through their influence on cognitive processes such as working memory. I would like to ...
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Do women see the phallus with the same amount of sexual excitement as a man seeing breasts?

No, men and women process sexual stimuli differently. Put succinctly, men are aroused by seeing sexual things, but women typically are not. Women, by contract, are more aroused by sexual relationships,...
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