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Most people confuse shyness with introversion, and the difference is that shy people do it out of fear, while introverted people do it out of the urge to be alone. Being shy is a bad thing. Being an introvert is NOT a bad thing. People also confuse Dumbness with Gullibility. Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence, which is again a clear sign of ...


Unfortunately, I was not able to find empirical literature on this question, as it does not appear to have been studied much - for example: References to dreams in the multiple personality literature are rare and tend to be brief. So we are limited to clinical reports. In 1994, Deirdre Barrett collected 3rd-hand accounts of dreams from 23 DID (MPD) ...


Most likey somatoform in nature. Anything else is speculation, as these experiences are unique to each individual, and as science has shown, our beliefs can change our physical state (i.e. pseudocyesis).

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