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Alex Stone
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How does a woman reject an unsuitable man?

I'm interested in the mechanism behind how a woman can reject a man once already in a relationship.

I've done some research and stumbled upon this issue described by multiple different people, which makes me think it has some biological basis.

The issue goes as follows: within a certain time after a relationship starts, 6 months to 4 years an otherwise very desirable woman starts to have explosive anger outbursts over trivial issues and big issues alike. You can read a sample story here:

The words spoken and faults given during these temper outbursts does not matter, yet they follow a remarkably similar pattern.

  • very rapid onset (15 seconds or less from baseline to angry)
  • long duration (up to 3 hours to flare up again)
  • near total suppression of logical ability (will not see logic or reason)
  • total shut down of empathy (makes very hurtful comments, emotionally abusive)
  • significant drop in self awareness (can't see that acting like this is not appropriate and feels self justified)
  • perception changes (you ALWAYS do that, you NEVER do this)
  • does not want to be touched and actively rejects attempts at physical comforting
  • pushes the man out or continues the episode till the man can't take it any more and leaves
  • poor recollection of what happened during the episode later
  • likely to occur after 1 month of cohabitation
  • occurs within days of having sex

I've additionally gathered that men in these relationship assume more "feminine" role, while women are more "masculine". I've seen reports of a man bending over backwards to please such woman for years, yet this does not help.

Otherwise the couple say they still love each other and can function normally.

The almost universally given advice is: run, flee, end it. So it appears that behavior is aimed at and quite successful at forcing separation.

This makes me ask: Is this kind of rejection some form of a biological defense mechanism by which a woman pushes an unsuitable mate out?

Is there a more scientific term I can use to look up this behavior?

Alex Stone
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