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What is it called when you plan to writing one word but end up writing another thats similar in writing but different in meaning [duplicate]

Is there a name for when you're thinking of one word, you're writing/typing it in but end up writing/typing another word with a different meaning yet similar typing happens? I often have this problem ...
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Why do errors such as typos happen?

Why do typos happen? Why do we sometimes type the same word right, and sometimes wrong? For the same reason, why does a player of Flappy Bird for instance crash at pipe 138? Why not any of the 137 ...
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Omitting word(s) when typing

[Reraising a recently asked question that was closed here, but in more cogsci fashion, I hope.] Some people are more inclined than others to omit a word when typing, but still be unaware of its ...
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