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For questions about willingly ceding control over a valued outcome to another person or group of people.

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How to Contextualise Social Trust?

A Meta-Analytical Review in Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust says the following: On average, social trust is thus lower in more ethnically diverse contexts. That being said, the rather modest size ...
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World Value Survey, trust, and China

The World Values Survey includes information on trust. My question is thus: how the heck is China measured that high? Experts on China view China as a low-trust society, people are always suspicious ...
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Is losing faith the same with learned helplessness?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Lose Faith In is: to no longer believe that (someone or something) can be trusted For example: lost faith in government, in love, in humanity, in ...
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Bias distrusting area of expertise while implicitly trusting other domains?

I've run across descriptions of this bias before, but cannot find it right now... I checked Wikipedia's list of cognitive biases to no avail. Basically, people working in some domain and having ...
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Reliable sources for society trust score?

It seems like that the general public [1,2,3] and some academics [4,5] believe that China is an exemplar society of low-trust. Most of my friends share the same beliefs. However, one data source ...
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Easy-to-use simulations of human behavior

I'm interested in simulations of human behavior. Nicky Case has done some really good ones: - A simulation of repeated prisoner's dilemma under different scenarios, showing ...
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Is there a mental condition that makes people unconditionally gullible?

The last several years in my country there has been a string of fraud that involves people, claiming to be police, asking citizens to contribute large sums of money to aid "police investigation". The ...
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Do readers consider the passive voice as more authoritative?

In the middle of the last century (roughly from the 20s-70s) the passive voice dominated scientific writing; or should it be said that scientific writing was dominated by the passive voice? Nowadays,...
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Does research support the notion of mimicry building trust?

Mimicry is the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another person. Some people believe that mimicry has strong social effects. For ...
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Does your voice pitch affect your perceived authority?

I heard a claim that people with lower voice pitch are perceived as more credible than people with higher pitch. Is there any research on this?
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