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Questions tagged [teaching-of-psychology]

For questions specifically related to instruction in the cognitive sciences, in formal and informal situations; for general questions about teaching and education see the educational-psychology tag

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Which theories of social/emotional development should be included in an undergraduate child psychology course?

I teach an undergraduate child psychology course. My specialty is cognitive development, and I am not so knowledgeable about social/emotional development, which accounts for about 1/3rd of the course. ...
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What does the visual feed from the retina look like before it is processed by the visual cortex?

I was recently at the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, where I saw a keynote on visual attention. The speaker (Laurent Itti) showed an animation that blew my mind. It showed a video of fish ...
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What are some examples of psychology studies with tiny effect sizes and tiny p-values that are good for teaching?

I'm looking for examples of studies where the result is highly significant but the effect is so tiny that it is meaningless in a practical sense. These will be shared with undergraduate psychology ...
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Where can I find online interactive versions of classic experiments in psychology for the purposes of teaching?

It's often useful and fun for students to experience well-known psychology experiments. Where can demo versions of famous psychology experiments be found online? Some example paradigms that might be ...
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Participant / Subject Pool Management Solutions

I am searching for a subject pool management system for human subject research. Almost all institutions appear to use Sona-systems. Do any alternatives exist?
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What books should I study to have a decent understanding of psychology?

Background: I am a student currently doing my undergraduate degree (Electrical and Electronics, if it interests anyone). I am very much interested in studying psychology. I have read quite a bit on ...
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What analogy can a teacher use to teach a child about neuroplasticity?

What analogy can a teacher use to teach a child between the ages of 8-11 years old about neuroplasticity? It'd be easier to explain this to an adult, but a child probably doesn't know enough to ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Lecture versus problem-based learning of psychology

Studying psychology at a German university, the first two years of your curriculum will be almost entirely filled with lectures: students sit in an auditorium, listen to the professor talk for 90 ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How is history of psychology taught around the world, and if it is not, why not?

When you study medicine in Germany, lectures on the history and ethics of medicine are an integral part of your curriculum. Many universities have a separate Institute for the History and Ethics of ...
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14 votes
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Which R packages have good collections of psychology datasets?

The open source statistical software R has a range of contributed packages. Some of them include datasets. I teach research methods in psychology and I'm looking for interesting real-world dataset ...
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Classic cognitive neuroscience studies that highlight conclusions that could not be drawn from behavioral experiments

Background: I studied psychology prior to going into cognitive neuroscience for my PhD. While I know my own area in depth, I lack the kind of broad overview that people who have done their Masters in ...
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What is a good textbook for an undergrad Cognitive Neuroscience course?

I am slated to teach an undergrad Cognitive Neuroscience course next year and I am not sure which textbook to use. This would be an entry-level course (no pre-requisites) primarily intended for ...