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For questions about neural oscillations that may be used to bind salient features of stimuli together

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What is the actual interpretation of the "correlation of a connection between neurons"?

I am student of Mathematics who is currently studying the utility of Algebraic Topology in the field of Neuroscience. In the paper I am reading (Reimann et al 2017) the authors explain that for ...
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Is the oscillatory power inversely proportional to the frequency?

I'm trying to understand neuronal synchronization/desynchronization and oscillation, as well as the psychedelic state. The following sentence confused me a bit. Psilocybin reduced spontaneous ...
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How to denoise and get rid of 1/f trend of a PSD in an EEG synchronization experiment

I'd appreciate some help from you guys. I'm currently analyzing an experiment where I've entrained participants to these frequencies: Condition 1: 4.16Hz-8.33Hz Condition 2: 2.77Hz-8.33Hz ...
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Can humans keep track of two unrelated rhythms?

Let's do an experiment. With your left hand start tapping out a regular (evenly-spaced) beat - say, 2 beats per second. With your right hand attempt to tap our a different regular beat, but tap at a ...
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Relation between NEF and synchronous explanation of cognition

I'm having a hard time determining if synchrony (I'm talking about the type described in reference to the visual cortex as seen here and less about synaptic plasticity which also involves synchrony) ...
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Measurement of phase difference between two signals using cross correlation vs. fourier transform

I am studying eeg signals with the aim of distinguishing between preictal and interictal epilepsy states based on the eeg signal. I have read some papers and one of the metrics used to distinguish ...
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Does perception have a "frame rate"?

Are the objects of visual perception processes divisible into individual, still frames, like video is? If so: Are the perceptions from different senses synced to the same frequency? Are these "stills"...
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Does music affect heart-rate?

I've read that the body attempts to match its heart-rate with the tempo of music being listened to. Rhythmic Entrainment: 'This refers to a process whereby an emotion is evoked by a piece of ...
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Under what circumstances does the brain devote resources to only the "when" of sensory events?

In a recent review article (Arnal & Giraud, 2012), the authors delve into changes in cortical oscillations which assist in predicting the causes of a sensory stimulus (the "what", via predictive ...
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What structures in the brain are called upon to strengthen coupling between bilateral movements?

It is very difficult for the normally-coordinated person to be able to pat his/her head and rub his/her stomach at the same time (or pick a similar activity). It seems to be possible to maintain the ...
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