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For questions about statistical parameter mapping (SPM).

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Compute single patient Z-Scores from atlas anatomical zone

I have one brain image from a single patient. I have a set of normal pateints. Both, single patient and normal patients are normalised to an SPM template and the NMI space. I also have a brain atlas (...
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SPM5 - contrast vectors too long when applied to a new SPM.mat file

Background: I am using fMRI individual level analysis data from my supervisor's previous paper. Before I can perform PPI on the data, I need to update the 1st level analysis batch files since they ...
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Is there an equivalence table between the Desikan-Killiany atlas to brodmann areas?

FreeSurfer makes inferences about volume, through the calculation of the surface of the brain. The parametric method (used in SPM) is a voxel-based statistics. FreeSurfer analysis does not map the ...
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Choice of reference/mid-slice during SPM slice-timing-correction

I'm trying to figure out the simultaneous-multi-slice (SMS) factor for my MR acquisition, to use during slice-timing correction, in SPM12. The DICOM header obtained during conversion (with the ...
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Reproducible Dynamic Causal Modeling/ model based effective connectivity analysis for fMRI

I am doing a Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and was thinking on doing my master thesis on effective connectivity in Theory of Mind. I like the model-based approach of Dynamic Causal Modeling ...
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fMRI ROI analysis: independence

In a 2x2 factorial, is it appropriate to look at an interaction at the second-level, group analysis (e.g., using SPM) and define this as an ROI to restrict follow-up main effect contrasts? Or is this ...
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