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For questions relating to spirituality in the fields of Cognitive Science of Religion and Neurotheology/Spiritual Neuroscience — the study of religious thought and behavior from the perspective of the cognitive and evolutionary sciences.

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Psychological explanation for uncontrollable laughter and apparent symptoms of drunkenness in charismatic Christian congregations?

Holy laughter and spiritual drunkenness are two very correlated experiences that have been reported many times in charismatic Christian congregations. Quoting Wikipedia: Holy laughter is a term used ...
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To what extent are testimonies of "spiritual experiences" reliable?

After reading/watching hundreds of testimonies of people sharing their own personal spiritual experiences, and after analyzing how different skeptics react to these testimonies, I've come to the ...
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Explanation for the "spinal energy" and other "Kundalini awakening" symptoms?

Lots of people have been sharing first-hand reports of their personal experience of the so-called "Kundalini awakening". The following are a few illustrative anecdotes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...
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Do bodily manifestations (e.g. jerking) and intense euphoric sensations (e.g. "heat", "electricity") always co-occur in spiritual experiences?

After analyzing multiple reports of spiritual experiences, I've identified two general categories: Bodily manifestations: shaking, jerking, trembling, contorting, etc. (see this related question for ...
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Do psychology deals with what others could call spiritualy?

Does any branch of psychology study scientifically what traditionally, outside a scientific perspective has been called spiritually? In the same way people of ancient times considered voices in the ...
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Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant and without therapy due to a dramatic spiritual experience?

Can someone be healed from a long-held addiction or compulsive disorder in an instant due to a dramatic spiritual experience and without therapy? My question is motivated by multiple conversion ...
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Purported exorcisms - can hypnosis cause a person to temporarily experience phenomena similar to those labelled as "DID"? [duplicate]

I've seen several videos/documentaries featuring (usually self-proclaimed) exorcists, both Catholic and Protestant, who perform "exorcism" ceremonies in which they "cast out demons". I'm personally ...
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Cognitively, where does spiritual feeling come from? [duplicate]

I am an Indian who believed in God and followed Hinduism. Later, I went to college and became enlightened and ruled out the idea of third party creation or the existence of a creator. That said, ...