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Is it possible to read faster by converting text into shorthand form or symbolic or logoraphic notation?

People often use speed-writing and stenography to write or type faster, and more words written in a logographic language such as Chinese or Japanese can fit into a standard tweet on Twitter than in a ...
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how does our brain know how to provide the right instructions to pronounce words?

Children learn to speak by hearing others and then trying to pronounce these words. What I don't understand is: how does their brain know the right instructions to give to the tongue, lips and the ...
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Impaired verbal communication, but normal reading and writing skills?

Is there any cognitive disability or disfunction that impairs both speech production and listening comprehension, while reading and writing skills are at a normal level or better?
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is low pitched machine synthesized speech easier to comprehend at high rates?

all I have is anecdotal experience, try it out yourself. I couldn't find any published study, was anything published about that?
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How does speed listening work?

I've recently gotten into listening to podcasts. Over time, as I get accustomed to the speaker's voice, I'm able to increase the speed of the podcast to as high as 3x speed. It still feels "normal" to ...
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What are the different theories about how the brain processes speech?

When we heard speech the brain needs to go through a series of steps to go from the received sounds to a mainly conceptual meaning that follows from the words involved. This involves solving a series ...
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What makes something relevant to an argument and how can people improve in determining relevance?

Are there any books that examine questions about relevance in general like the following? Relevance Theory seems something else and inapplicable. What makes something (ir)relevant to an argument or ...
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Incomplete sentences

I am looking for studies which looks at understanding and preference of incomplete sentences. For example, is there a higher workload for (in)complete sentences or even though the sentence might be ...
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What are the differences between formulating a response in speech vs. formulating a written response?

I am specifically interested in the difference between these two processes during producing a response to a question. What are the differences of the cognitive process between those two scenarios? I ...
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Why do people talk (or communicate)? [closed]

I think that people talk for planning immediate benefits or planning future benefits. For example if someone wants to eat a fruit on a tree but he doesn't know how to get it so he asks someone to get ...
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What is the effect of gradual increase of speech speed on speech comprehension?

When I am watching a YouTube video with normal speed I can understand everything with no problem. When I speed up the video to 1.25x my understanding of what someone is saying is a bit worse, but ...
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What effects does multitasking have on comprehension and memory of audiobooks/speech?

I've heard around that our comprehension of audiobooks versus read books is roughly on the same level (the processes aren't really all that different, usually when we read we vocalize the words in our ...
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