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Questions tagged [software]

For questions regarding the use and selection of computer programs designated for instruction, experimentation, and data processing.

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How to analyse accuracy, hits and false alarms in e-prime?

It's the first time for me to do analyses with e-prime, and I have to analyse some data from an experiment. The data are, at the moment, in e-prime. I'd like to have the accuracy, the hits, and the ...
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What is a good software/hardware combination for biofeedback monitoring that includes GSR, GSM, HRV, and EEG?

i'm looking for a lab setup for psychological experiments to help people relieve stress better with various auditory and visual stimuli. what i want is a software like brainbay that can use not just ...
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Is a New Software Library to Simulate Natural Processes like Hunger Needed?

This sort of dovetails off a question I asked on the AI Exchange: Is There A Need For Stochastic Inputs To Mimic Real-World Biology And Environment? I figured this site would give more insight on ...
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E-prime: Inline script to present sounds from a text file

I am trying to build an experiment that: (1) present Instructions, (2) plays a list of sounds from a text file and (3) says Goodbye. I have problem on (2) which for the moment is built with an inline ...
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Desigining an online survey with two levels of randomisation

I'm trying to create an online survey where the participant hears a series of randomly determined sound files and rates each of them on a likert scale. We will have around 1000 participants, each ...
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Are there some tools to get human brain Brodmann areas from X,Y,Z coordinates?

Is there some program that given the x,y,z coordinates of a area in a given brain template, gives the histological Brodmann area relative to that template? I'm interested in associating x,y,z ...
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Where to recruit paid participants for online Inquisit experiments?

My team and I are trying to use Inquisit for a reaction-time based experiment looking at attentional bias. However, with the no download policy on Mturk and CrowdFlower, we don't know a good site to ...
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What Action Units (AU) from the FACS can be combined together independetly of each other?

There exist many "impossible" combinations of AUs, let's say 45+46 for example or 18+27 etc. i.e. combinations of AU that can not possibly be expressed because they "occupy" the ...
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Are there better tools for EEG data visualization than MNE-python?

I've started learning about EEG data analysis (as a data scientist working with python and R on a daily basis) and came across MNE package. I know that it has some tools for visualizing EEG data and I ...
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Error "File too small" When using spm_slice_vol, Fieldtrip MATLAB

When I was trying to convert a CT scan file's coordinate system into an approximation of the ACPC coordinate system on Fieldtrip MATLAB, there was error prompting that: ...
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N-Back implementation?

I'm a programmer writing a small n-Back test/game app,and certain things are still ambiguous to me: 1-is there a standard implementation used in research(for example displaying a sequence of pictures ...
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